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If you operate a boat, Jet Ski, or other type of watercrafts, you may be required to carry insurance for liability risks. However, every time you're on the water, you'll also be at risk of damage to your boat without comprehensive coverage.
Trust Peter Polinsky Insurance Agency to help you keep your watercraft safe on the road, in the water, and even in storage.
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Get a quote on our affordable watercraft insurance by calling our agents today. It only takes a few minutes to get a complete quote that meets your specific needs. We offer competitive rates and outstanding customer service.
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How Can Watercraft Insurance Help You?

  • Protect your property against lost or stolen losses, including repairs or replacement
  • Protect against costs related to injuries to passengers, including medical costs
  • Minimize risks when your watercraft is responsible for damage or injury to others
  • Protect against on-land accidents and damage
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We'll Help You Keep Your Assets Protected

Trust our experienced agents to help you with any insurance need. You may even qualify for discounts if you purchase multiple policies from us. Call us today to discuss auto and home insurance as well.
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